Café Gothenburg, engl. miniversion

An english guide over Gothenburgs most popular cafés.

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Beskrivning av artikel

In Café gothenburg you will find a guide to the best cafés in and around Gothenburg. 48 coffee shops are presented in appetizing words and mouth-watering photos and to 10 of them there are also their favourite recipes. Café gothenburg is made for you who loves a real good, Swedish ?fika? and need a guide to find your own favourite café in the second largest city in Sweden. In café gothenburg you will find some of the old, traditional bakeries as well as new trendy ones.

Författare Catrin Westman, Annika Broman
Bindning Mjuka pärmar
Förlag Isaberg förlag
Utg. land Sverige
Utg. år 2007
ISBN 9789176947524
Språk English
Ant. sidor 80

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