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A book about training and Growth Mindset by Kelvin Marsh.

  • Artnr: 9789185089529

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What separates you from Olympic gold medallists, English Premier League Champions, UEFA Champions League Winner’s, and Hollywood stars?

Kelvin Marsh has worked with all of these and although there isn’t a simple answer, many would say a Growth Mindset.

However, a Growth Mindset, like most things in life, will come more naturally to some people than others. Kelvin would like to pass on his knowledge and experience, to give you the tools to self-analyse and adapt your own mindset, eventually developing a Growth Mindset to suit your own personality. In so doing you will be better equipped to reassess your goals in life, apply your mindset accordingly, make a plan and most importantly feel empowered enough to adhere to the plan and achieve your ultimate goal – your personal 6-Pack – whatever that may be.

Whatever your age you can strive for new goals in life and the best way to do that is to live healthier. You are never too old to change for the better.
If I can do it, you can do it! If the people mentioned above can do it, you can do it!
Read on to feel empowered to do so …

Författare     Marsh, Kelvin
Bindning Mjukbunden
Förlag Isaberg förlag
Utg. land Sverige
Utg. år 2020
ISBN 978-91-85089-52-9
Språk Engelska
Format 190x260 mm

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