The pocket handbook for nature lovers

Tips and tricks for the right behaviour in Swedish nature

  • Artnr: 9789188721587

Beskrivning av artikel

"The Pocket Handbook for Nature Lovers" is something as simple as the title suggests - a handbook for those who love Swedish nature and want to know how to behave there. You will learn rules that apply in different areas, how to make and handle a fire, and which plants and mushrooms that can be eaten without any problems - but also which ones that should be avoided at all costs. This book is your companion, fits perfectly in every trouser pocket at any time.

With simple means, you will learn how to respect nature, but also about the great influence that we humans have on our environment. This book gives you many valuable tips and is a must for anyone who wants to spend time in nature.


Tony Blom runs "Utmark Sverige", a Swedish event company that offers guided hikes and experiences in nature beyond the ordinary. Together with fire and survival expert Mattias Norberg and Christoffer Pencak, who has an extensive knowledge of the plant world, the three have written a book for anyone who wants to know more about the rules that apply in Swedish nature, and how you should relate to it.

Författare     Tony Blom, Christoffer Pencak, Mattias Norberg. Översättning: Sanna Simonsson
Bindning Flexbindning
Förlag Isaberg förlag
Utg. land Sverige
Utg. år 2024
ISBN 978-91-88721-58-7
Språk Svenska
Format 205X265 mm

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